Enjoy the black truffle season

  • Enhance your dishes with black truffle!

Enjoy the black truffle season

Weighing and grated at the table on the dish of your choice, the black truffle Tuber Melanosporum, carefully chosen by Hugou House, will bring an intense and unique flavour.

During a meal, imagine the passionate quest of the truffle grower... a true sensory journey: 

The smell:  unearthed by dogs sniffing, the irresistible scent
The hearing:  the sounds of rummaging through the sleepy woods
The sight:  a buried treasure filled with mystery
The touch:  minutious cleaning and grading of the fresh truffles. A small nick reveals a marbled black and white flesh.
The taste:  penetrating, earthy, intensifying

The truffle is weighed and shaved in front of you, to sublime the flavours of your chosen dish.

Fanny Herpin, Chef  of the restaurant suggests: the seared veal sweetbread, winter vegetables with black truffle  - 52 €

Black Truffle can be grated on the dish of your choice, price on request.