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Black truffle... at cost!
Black cost!

During a meal, imagine the passionate quest of a truffle grower : from the growling of the dog that flushes out the truffle to the meticulously performed ritual of brushing and sorting... A true sensory journey!

This Winter, the Chef invites you to the...

Offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience!
Offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience

Allard offers you a collection of gift vouchers that will delight lovers of tradition!

Discover our exclusive lunch and dinner menus and enjoy an exceptional moment in one of the most sought after gourmet addresses in Paris for over 80 years. For a last-minute gift, you will receive a gift...

Lunch Menu

During the week, come and taste the generous recipes that had made the success of the place, cooked by the chef Charlotte Bringant!

She brings a personal touch without modifying the deep-seated identity of the...

Le Café Alain Ducasse

“When I swallow the last sips of coffee at lunch, before I leave the table, the bitter and sweet, in a heady foam bouquet, fix the memory of the meal on the taste buds.” explains Alain Ducasse, This interest became a passion when he discovered the world of the coffee plantation and coffee...

It's in season!
cookpot of figs with fromage blanc sorbet.

For the Autumn, the Chef Pauline Berghonnier enhances the wild mushrooms and the autumn fruits.

To finish your meal, taste the cookpot of figs with fromage blanc sorbet.