The team

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The team

At Allard, women do the cooking

Marthe first, followed by Fernande. Both of them are enscribed into the book of « mother cooks», creating a cuisine based upon a culinary instinct in which prevails simplicity and quality.
Alain Ducasse naturally passed the reins of the Allard kitchens to a woman: Pauline Berghonnier

The young chef already has a great career. After training in beautiful gastronomic restaurants in Paris (Hotel Crillon, Saint James), she discovered a passion for simple cuisine, taste and sharing at the restaurant "Les Trois Marches". In 2016, she participated in the opening of "Ore-Ducasse at the Château de Versailles". Collector of old cookery books, it is with enthusiasm that Pauline takes over the reins of Allard's kitchens in 2019.

Alain Izard warmly welcomes the guests in this emblematic parisian bistrot .

The sommelier, Guillaume Sicsic takes care of the wine cellar.