The cuisine

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The cuisine

In cuisine, tradition, regionalism and seasonality prevail

Since its creation, Allard offers traditional cuisine, influenced by the Burgundy origins of Marthe and Marcel, but also by the wealth of other regional inspirations. In early days, Marthe adapted her cooking to the modest means of her regular customers.

To accommodate their restrictive budget, things should remain simple. She prepared meals straight out of the family cookbook, such as pot-au-feu, potées or ragout stews. She gave Allard a culinary identity: simple and sincere, a no-frills mother’s cooking. Marthe decided the contents of the menu. She created a different dish daily, one that was not served in a plate; the pot or terrine was placed directly on to the table.
Using the best produce offered at the peak of their seasonality and local dishes illustrating the richness of our regional heritage. The signature remains simplicity and benefits continuity.

Specialities that have made the renown of Allard, such as Frogs Legs, Snails in their Shells, Challand Duck with olives, Sole Meunière or roast Bresse chicken, remain on the menu. To discover as of September, Arnaud nicolas’ Pâté en croûte; Grilled red label Scottish Salmon, béarnaise sauce; fondant beef cheek with carottes; Floating island vanilla-flavored ; rum Savarin, whipped cream.